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When the time has come to invest in a new garage door, you won't want to cut corners. But you won't want to overpay, either. At Garage Door Guys, we take immense pride in offering a service that is incredibly accomplished whilst being priced affordably - meaning customers with a variety of budgets can take advantage of a new, high-quality garage door at a price that suits them.

Popular models include up-and-over, sectional, roller and side-hinged garage doors. Contact us now to find out more and ask for your free home survey and quote.

Roller Doors

Roller Doors

Roller doors have been one of the most popular garage modifications over the past few years. Their foam-filled aluminium slats help to insulate your garage, which is especially beneficial if there is a habitable room above, or if you are using your garage as an extra room.

Roller doors are a compact option that enables you to maximise the usable space within your garage.

Sectional Doors

Sectional garage doors are made up of a number of individual solid panels connected with hinges. These roll the door up, opening vertically, and rest parallel to the floor when fully open. They have a number of advantages over some of the other garage door types; these include being heavily insulated to help keep your home warmer. Similar to retractable doors, sectional garage doors are ideally suited to automation with an electric garage door operator. 

Sectional doors can be made in a wide variety of styles, colours and effects, and are also able to incorporate windows to allow extra light into your garage.

Sectional Doors
Side Hinged Doors

Side-Hinged Doors

Side-hinged doors do exactly as their name suggests. They open out sideways, much like your front door. They are split into 2 separate leaves which can be an even 50/50 split, or you can opt for a smaller and larger door (for example 60/40).


Side-hinged doors are an ideal solution if you don’t store a car as they are very simple to operate. They can be supplied in both insulated and non-insulated construction.

Up And Over Garage Doors

Up and over garage doors are the traditional choice when it comes to garages. They are made up of 1 solid panel which is attached to a frame with a spring-assisted mechanism to aid in opening and closing. They can be categorised into 2 types: canopy and retractable.

Canopy doors have a pivoting mechanism, which allows them to tilt upwards and sit parallel to the garage floor, extending forward of the frame when fully open.

Retractable doors are similar in design to the canopy. However, when open, they retract back into the garage along rails that are mounted near the top of the frame. These doors are ideally suited to the addition of an electronic garage door operator.

blue up and over garage door
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A Blue Garage Door

Whether it's a contemporary sectional door, or a traditional side-hinged door you're after, we guarantee the highest levels of installation and aftercare. Contact us today on 07965 207708 or email us at

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